“Nowadays, the world is flat, the walls is thinner and we are living together in a big market. Phu Bao Group (PBG) determines our development orientation in a challenging “blue ocean”. No roses without thorn, we have to confront challenges and boundaries. An individual can not outbrave  storminess but together we can vanquish the stormy sea and take the economy boat to the ocean…

PBG was born to be a companion and sharing successes with partners is our assignment. We do believe a sustainable cooperation is starting from now and that is how the story goes….”


Chief Executive Officer

 Jack Tran


To become the pioneer of Vietnamese trusted and world grade brand on healthcare and medical disposable products where people can put all their trust in our products


" YOU WANT, WE GOT ! WE CARE. ". Phu Bao commited to deliver quality and safeness to community with our heart and responsibility.


"GOOD ETHIC, GOOD SERVICE, GOOD BUSINESS, ONE TEAM!". Based on the foudation of intergrity, Phu Bao has a constant persuit not only to satisfy the demands of our consumers but also share successes with partners